Frank & Kitty

Skills: Commercial, Papier-mâché

In 2004 I was commissioned by Reading Museum to make 2 life-size papier-mâché figures of rock fans, as part of a temporary exhibition which celebrated 30 years of Reading Rock festival. Kitty depicts the modern day rock fan, while Frank takes us back 30 years. Kitty is now on permanent exhibition alongside the Seahorse at the Paper Museum in the Czech Republic.

Kitty – Height: 1.9m. Frank – Height: 2m.

They were created in just six weeks using both pulp and flat papier-mâché methods, over chicken wire. Their underlying and visible skin is simply pulp papier-mâché. Frank’s double denim outfit is finished in newspapers, whereas all of Kitty’s clothes and jewellery were formed from a wide variety of multi coloured papers that include magazines, tissue, crepe, sugar and cartridge papers. Her bikini top is made from the 2004 Reading Rock festival line up poster.