The Seahorse

Skills: Papier-mâché

Seahorse – height: 2m, width: 0.7m, length: 1.6m

The Seahorse was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London as part of the summer exhibition in 1999 and has since been exhibited in Southampton and Reading. It is currently on exhibition at the Museum of Paper in Velke Losiny, Czech Republic.

The Seahorse is approaching the end of its hire term in the Czech Republic and is now available for long term hire or sale. The museum will cover all transport arrangements and costs to a site within Europe, feel free to contact with me if you have any exhibition ideas. POA.

I became excited by the potential of papier-mâché, after running children’s workshops, so I decided to create a large scale sculpture that would push the medium as far as possible. The process was a slow labour of love and was completed after six years in 1999. The juxtaposition of lettering presents interesting snippets from pre-millennial news stories.

All the shapes that form the Seahorse have been created from everyday packaging, disposables and junk. Over these shapes I have applied several layers of papier-mâché. I applied each strip individually, using the Financial Times newspaper which the largest financial newspaper in the UK.